Commercial Mezzanine Flooring

Make use of unused space in your commercial building

FIT Interiors are pleased to provide clients across an array of different industries and sectors with high-calibre, sturdy commercial mezzanine flooring to maximise your commercial premises and optimise storage space when you need it most. Regardless of the nature of your stock or how much of it you have, commercial mezzanine flooring from FIT Interiors is tailor-made to suit the exact needs and requirements of our clients.

High-quality commercial mezzanine flooring

Commercial mezzanine flooring from FIT Interiors is a highly-convenient, versatile option for all of our clients. From food and retail to offices and warehousing, commercial mezzanine flooring is the most ideal solution for inventory storage, no matter the sort of stock you’re dealing with.  From small stock levels to high volume inventory, a commercial mezzanine floor from FIT Interiors can be specially made for your business requirements. 

The commercial mezzanine flooring we have available for our clients throughout Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham and beyond allows the user to store stock both above and below the structure. This helps to enhance and increase storage space when you need it most. 

In addition to making an excellent storage solution, mezzanine flooring is also a great way of adding an additional office to your premises, as the platform on top can be used as a solid foundation for the construction of temporary office space – perfect for those who are looking to stick to a budget but who would also like to expand their premises.

Stage 1

Listening & Understanding

We listen to your needs to understand your specific requirements and help guide your business.

Stage 2

Site Survey

We will conduct a comprehensive site survey of your working space, potentially over multiple visits, to identify any issues for the new design

Stage 3

Planning & Design

We design a solution based on your brief. Taking in to consideration budget, timeline and business goals, using top UK manufacturers to find the best furniture for your needs and budget.

Stage 4


We can help you define an estimated budget and choose appropriate products for your project. If needed, we can also guide you on budgeting.

Stage 5


A dedicated project manager will communicate with you throughout the project to ensure successful delivery and address any changes or inquiries you have.

Stage 6


During the fit-out, you can choose your level of involvement and receive updates from the dedicated project manager, who will work with our trusted contractors to install your new space.

Stage 7


After the project is finished, we will provide information on how to use and maintain your new space and remain available for any future needs.

Commercial mezzanine flooring you can count on

Purchase commercial mezzanine flooring near you from us here at FIT Interiors. Our team of expert commercial interior designers are dedicated to ensuring our clients are provided with specialist advice and guidance as well as high-quality commercial mezzanine floor structures. 

We work tirelessly around the clock to make sure that your commercial mezzanine flooring is constructed to the highest possible standards, ensuring its stability and security, making it safe to use at all times. There are a wide range of benefits that commercial mezzanine flooring can provide our clients, including, but not limited to, the following:

As well as this, it also has to look the part, especially if you regularly have visitors to your premises. We will be able to impart professional advice on the matter so you can get the most out of your new industrial mezzanine flooring in Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Derby and the nearby areas. You should consider industrial mezzanine flooring near you for the following reasons:

  • Both the platform and void space underneath can be utilised as storage space or additional office space
  • Mezzanine flooring can be designed and constructed in many different shapes, sizes, heights and lengths, making it an ideal bespoke option for commercial clients
  • Stock and even heavy machinery can be stored using a commercial mezzanine floor
  • It’s a cost-effective solution when compared to relocating to a larger premises
  • Commercial mezzanine flooring can be constructed in a timely and efficient manner, allowing commercial clients to acquire storage space as and when needed

Let's discuss your next project.

FIT Interiors have a team of professional, highly-skilled and fully-trained specialists who are committed to providing our clients with seamless storage solutions, including commercial mezzanine flooring. If you would like further information about how we can help you to maximise space in your commercial premises using mezzanine flooring, get in touch with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team today - we’re always pleased to hear from you.

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