7 Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling in the Office

Suspended ceilings are a staple feature in a variety of different settings. From office blocks and leisure centres to hotels and restaurants, you will find suspended ceilings in a wealth of commercial environments, and for good reason. There are a variety of ways in which you can benefit from having a suspended ceiling installed in your office.

Whether you’re looking to hide messy wires or are looking for added fire protection, suspended ceilings are incredibly advantageous no matter the setting. But with that in mind, let’s delve further into the benefits that are to be had by suspended ceiling installation in the office.

1. They’re affordable

Suspended ceilings are a really affordable way of breathing new life into your office, without having to rip down existing ceilings, relocate pipes or integrate wires into the original structure of the building. Rather than completely renovating the interior of your building, you’ll be able to add a suspended ceiling to your office with minimal effort required. It’s also an effective way of making your office look as good as new if you’re on a budget. Here at FIT Interiors, we are pleased to offer a wide range of different suspended ceiling products that cover a spectrum of requirements and a variety of budgets.

2. They’re quick & simple to install

In addition to being a cost-effective solution and an affordable way to transform the look and feel of your office space, suspended ceilings are also very quick and simple to install. This means that you can choose to have a suspended ceiling implemented without experiencing any disruption to the working day and without having to temporarily relocate offices so that work can be carried out.

We will endeavour to make sure that suspended ceiling installation is done in a timely and efficient manner, but without compromising on the high-quality workmanship that FIT Interiors prides ourselves on. If you’ve been put off the installation of suspended ceilings because of the disruption it might cause, then look to FIT Interiors for efficient and easy installation that will stand the test of time.

3. They offer fire protection

Suspended ceilings come in a wide range of different materials and finishes. This means that suspended ceilings can be installed that offer a further level of protection when it comes to fire safety. Usually, fire protection measures are compulsory in commercial settings, including the use of fire doors and even office partitions that have fire protection qualities. Suspended ceilings that offer a level of fire resistance can be used in the main office floor, corridors, toilets and fire escape areas, so they offer the ultimate fire protection for both yourself, your workers and the visitors to your premises.

4. They offer sound-proofing qualities

Suspended ceilings are often installed over the top of existing ceilings. Whether you’re looking to hide an old ceiling that looks unsightly or want to hide wires and cables that are messy and tangled, a suspended ceiling can be installed to cover that over. This means that you’ll have not one, but two ceilings installed. In turn, this makes it ideal if you’re looking to add some sound-proofing to your office space. In addition, there are suspended ceiling materials available that possess sound-proofing qualities if you’re really looking to make a difference.

5. They hide messy ductwork, piping & wires

Suspended ceilings are a really quick and easy way of hiding any wires, pipes and ducting that might be present. You won’t need to worry about having them professionally moved, relocated or hidden in the office structure, which can be costly, messy and disruptive to the working office.

Suspended ceilings are an effortless, non-disruptive way of hiding anything that may be unsightly. Not only are you benefiting your workers by having a neat and tidy office space, but you’re also ensuring that your office visitors have a great first impression of your business as well.

6. It makes it easy to install air con

If air conditioning is something that you’ve been thinking about for your office but you aren’t sure about its installation based purely on the logistics of having it fitted, then a suspended ceiling will make the installation of air conditioning an absolute breeze. All your air conditioning fitters will need to do is lift up a few of the suspended ceiling panels and they’ll easily and seamlessly be able to carry out the installation in line with your individual needs.

7. They’re customisable

Suspended ceilings, as already touched upon, are available in a wide range of different materials, colours and textures. Not only are we able to uplift the aesthetic of your office, but we are also able to install a suspended ceiling that suits your brand and meets your requirements every single time. Simply tell us what you would like for your suspended ceiling in the office and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

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