8 Ways to Modernise Your Office

Colourful Office Space

Modernising your office space is a great way of boosting productivity and overall performance in the workplace. Whether your office is tired and old fashioned or if you just fancy a change, there are a number of things you can do to breathe new life into the workspace, and it doesn’t involve having to fully-restore your office.

However, if you’re looking for a complete office fit out, FIT Interiors are pleased to be able to do this for you. Although, if you’re not looking to undergo a full office refurbishment, here are 8 inexpensive ways to modernise your office, regardless of the industry you work in.

1. Create open spaces

One of the things you can do to achieve a modern office space is to transform it into an open-plan area. Open plan spaces can create a friendly, calm and comfortable environment – the perfect atmosphere for a productive and happy workforce. Not only this, but it also allows for natural light to flow, unobstructed, through the office which, in turn, helps to boost everyone’s mood and morale simultaneously.

2. Allow natural light to flow freely

According to the World Green Building Council, natural light is proven to have a positive impact on employees’ engagements and attention spans. In fact, natural light in the office might well be more important than we may have otherwise thought, with the Harvard Business Review revealing that access to natural light is the most important factor in the rocking environment.

As such, making sure that natural light can flow freely through the office is an important element when it comes to modernising your office. Going open plan is a good start, but if you require some privacy or designated, closed-off work spaces, then glass office partitioning is the best way to go.

Glass office partitioning is not only a great, sleek and contemporary way of sectioning off parts of your office, but they’re also completely transparent, allowing natural light to fill the entire area, including the closed-off section. That’s something that simply isn’t possible with other types of office partitioning.

3. Have some decompression areas

A big part of the workplace environment is making sure that your employees have somewhere to relax on their breaks. Work can be stressful, no matter the industry you work in. Therefore, a decompression area is a great way of creating a modern workplace atmosphere whilst retaining morale and employee satisfaction.

You don’t want a workforce that is stressed and overwhelmed, so having a dedicated area for employees to decompress when they need it most is an effective way of modernising the office. Not only do decompression spaces look stunning, but your entire company image will transform into one that understands the pressures of modern life, and you’re willing to provide your employees with a resource that makes them feel safe and appreciated at the same time.

4. Update your colour scheme

Whether your company has undergone a rebranding in the last few years or if you just want to breathe new life into your office space, giving your workplace a fresh lick of paint is always a good idea if you’re looking to modernise your office.

A budget-friendly way of creating a contemporary space for your employees, updating your colour scheme and swapping dull colours for brighter, lighter tones will make the world of difference.

Going from drab magnolia walls to vibrant colours or warm tones will transform your workplace into one that people will love to sit and work in. It also allows you to put your stamp on an office area that you’ve just purchased, giving you the opportunity to make it your own.

5. Invest in new furniture

Office furniture can make a lot of difference in the look and feel of your office space. Not only can it transform the way it looks, on the whole, but it can also make your employees feel more comfortable. A good place to start is to invest in ergonomic furniture, including purpose-built office chairs and desks.

Desks that are moveable and that can be used when either sitting or standing are also a worthwhile investment if your aim is to modernise your office. FIT Interiors are able to provide you with a wealth of office furniture pieces that will meet your needs and complement your existing decor.

6. Buy some local artwork

Avoid buying corporate art and posters and choose some local artwork instead. Not only does that make it more personal and relevant to your business, but it will also have more of an impact on your office decor.

It might even make a solid impression on both your employees and your office visitors. Choose pieces that are eye-catching and that will leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Did it make you stop and look again?

Is it vibrant and thought-provoking? Choose artwork that you like but that you also think will make a statement in the workplace. Everyone will be executing boring, commercial canvases, so opt for something different that will make people do a double take.

7. Add some greenery

Everyone knows that no office space is complete without the addition of at least a few plants. If you’re worried about keeping real plants alive, then opt for species that require little-to-no maintenance, like cheese plants and succulents. They don’t need to be kept in a window and they don’t need watering every day either.

There are a number of low-maintenance indoor plants that you can choose from, so pick a few to add some depth and greenery to your workplace. Alternatively, if you’re not up to keeping real plants in the office, you can buy some convincing faux plants, but if you’re eco-friendly, then real plants are the way to go.

8. Keep things tidy

A tidy office is a tidy mind. However, if you have a tidy and clean space, it will transform the look of your office. Making sure that wires aren’t on show and that there aren’t boxes and papers all over the place is a good way of keeping the office tidy. Something else that can help in terms of making sure the office is clutter-free is to have a suspended ceiling installed. Suspended ceilings are perfect for hiding unsightly wires, pipes and ducts. They can also be used as storage areas for light-weight items. If you’re interested in suspended ceilings for the office, then look no further than FIT Interiors.

FIT Interiors is pleased to offer commercial customers a range of office refurbishment services. Whether you’re looking for a total office fit out, suspended ceilings, office furniture, office partitioning, commercial washrooms and more, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge, expertise, tools and workforce available to be able to deliver exceptional results every single time. Regardless of the industry or sector you work in, look to FIT Interiors for sterling office refurbishment services today. For further information, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable, friendly team – we’re always pleased to hear from you.